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Smart campus


In recent years, with the further deepening of college logistics reform, colleges and universities have basically implemented the management of student apartments, and the management of student dormitories has also changed from the traditional management mode to the logistics enterprise management mode. The security work of the student dormitory is not only related to the stability of the student dormitory management personnel and the implementation of the management system, but also to the stability of the university and the safety of students' personal and property.

On the other hand, incidents such as vicious personal assaults on campuses and social hooligans harassing teachers and students in schools have occurred from time to time, and the phenomenon of crimes against campuses is on the rise. Campus safety has become a hot topic of great concern to the society. Effectively solving the hidden dangers of current campus safety and ensuring the safety of teachers and students has become an important part of the creation of a safe city. Our smart campus face recognition management system adopts advanced face recognition algorithm, and high-speed chip is used as the operating hardware platform of the recognition algorithm. Through the collection of face information at the entrance and exit, real-time face capture and recognition, the situation of students is monitored in real time.

Facial recognition application advantages

Face recognition technology specifically refers to the latest recognition technology that uses the comparison of visual feature information of different faces for identity identification, which belongs to a kind of biometric recognition technology. Face recognition technology is a process based on human facial features, which processes the input face image or video stream, and further extracts the information in each face according to the position and size of each face and the position information of each main facial organ. Identity features, and compare them with the face that has always been, with a series of related technologies of the face capture comparison system, including face image acquisition, face positioning, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation and identity search, etc. Confirm the identity of the specific person.

The application advantages and characteristics of face recognition technology in personnel identification:

● Non-contact, the user does not need to directly contact the device;

● High user acceptance, natural recognition, no need for human operation;

● It can be traced afterwards, and the photos of identification and comparison are retained;

● Not mandatory, the recognized face image information can be obtained actively;

● Fast and efficient, it can be recognized at normal walking speed