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The 21st century is the era of informationization. The rapid development of modern society has accelerated the popularization and use of high-tech products. As an effective means of modern management, the security protection system has developed from a single security protection function in the past to today's integrated security and management. , intelligent as one of the multi-functional management system, and increasingly play an important role in the security prevention and modern management of all walks of life.

Analysis of traditional community management problems

● Hidden security risks brought by outsiders mixing into the community

● Traditional monitoring can only be done after the fact, but cannot report an alarm in time, and it costs manpower, financial and material resources to inquire after the event

● The identity of the visitor cannot be confirmed, leading to possible incidents

● The entrance and exit must be guarded by a special person; there are too many users in the community, and the special person cannot identify the identity of the owner, resulting in management loopholes

System Architecture

System Features - Big Data of People and Vehicles in Data Center

Typical Scenario - Personnel Access Control

Typical Scenario - Vehicle Access Control

Typical scene - government service

Analysis of the advantages of face recognition management system

● Upgrade traditional monitoring and turn post-event query into instant reminder and alarm

● Upgrade the community access control management system to face recognition access control management system, and use face recognition to enter and exit, which is more efficient and safe

● Upgrade the community visitor system to a visitor system that combines human and ID cards to verify the ID card of the visitors, and compare the photo on the ID card with the real person to confirm the identity of the owner of the ID card, so as to prevent fraudulent use of other people's ID cards to enter the community

Why do you need to use face recognition to intelligently enter and exit the community, real-name visitor management system, and blacklist control system?

● Accurately and quickly identify each person through the facial features of the person, thereby obtaining the identity information of all persons entering and leaving the community;

● Adopting the face recognition method has obvious advantages over the traditional card swiping and fingerprint modes, such as: preventing card punching, no card loss (forgetting to bring the card to work), inability to fake access data, no need to touch the machine, etc.;

● Face recognition is simple and easy to use and has a wide range of applications. Whether it is in the entrance and exit, or in the office, or in the classroom, or even in the integration of lockers and express boxes, there are corresponding supporting products.

Introduction to face recognition intelligent community access control management system

● Provide comprehensive data analysis

The real-name system access data summarizes the number of people by cycle, and managers do not need to manually check, but analyze the records through the computer, and automatically generate the required list.

● Biometrics

By using a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, a series of face-related technologies are performed on the detected faces, including face image acquisition, face Positioning, face recognition preprocessing, memory storage and comparison and identification to achieve the purpose of identifying different people's identities

● Community unsafe factors

The use of biometric identification technology can effectively avoid the random entry and exit of the community by outsiders, and reduce the unstable factors of the community; at the same time, the efficiency is greatly improved, and real-time monitoring

● Platform advantages

Using face recognition, real-time and strict monitoring of people entering the area, to ensure that non-owners cannot enter, control personnel cannot enter, real-name registration of visitors, and integration of witnesses.

● Real-name system related applications

All the entrances and exits of the community are accurately identified to achieve barrier-free access

Personnel self-service real-name parcel letters and other self-delivery and collection

face recognition attendance

Real-time view monitoring, SMS notification of special circumstances, real-time display on LED large screen

Visitor's real-name registration

Accessibility Accessibility App

Face recognition all-in-one machine with access gate Face recognition all-in-one machine with advertising door

Face recognition all-in-one function